Bar Services

We are licensed and insured with a team of professional, talented and personable bartenders, all being TABC certified.


Jenni Weber Soiree -145


Greet your guests with an immersive drink experience like no other!

Our Living Champagne walls are truly a unique crowd pleaser, not only a whimsical delivery of drink but also a fun photo op that guests love. We have multiple hedge walls to accommodate large scale events. 

Ring the bell to be served by satin gloved hands that suddenly immerge whimsically from different sections of our green ivy wall with a flute of bubbly or any alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink you choose to be served from our magic wall. 



Cheers to drink or Charcuterie! This adorable two-sided Wall painted in Wedding White has 48 acrylic holders on each side that can hold flutes of bubbly, charcuterie cones or whatever you'd like! This wall is available for rental along with paired with our beverage/bartending services.  Our "Cheers" wall is on rollers for mobility and be customized with balloons, floral garlands, neon or styled signage.